Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Today we are going to learn how to download and installed the latest version of python.

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Step 1 : Download Python by visit link — Download Python | Python.org

Step 2 : Run the Executable Installer

Step 3 : Marked Install launcher for all users (recommended)

Step 4 : Marked Add Python 3.* to PATH

Step 5 : Click Install Now and Next

Enjoy !

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Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Today we are going to learn why Python is the slow programming language.

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Below are primary three reasons that make Python slow.

Why does Python need GIL?

  • GIL can provide thread-safe memory management which was much required.
  • GIL also provides a performance boost to single-threaded programs.
  • The default implementation of Python ‘CPython’ uses GIL to execute exactly one thread at the same time, even if run on a multi-core processor as GIL works only on one core regardless of the number of cores present in the machine
  • It. allows only one thread to hold…

Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Today we are discussing the back-end procedure of python.

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Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Finally, we have reached the python programming language. Please find below details that will clear a very basic understanding of the Python programming language.

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  • Python is a general-purpose, high-level, clean, elegant, agile, object-oriented, interpreted, and simple programming language.
  • The programming language that uses an interpreter to translate the code into machine code is called Scripting Language.
  • For Python we use an Interpreter to execute code then as per the definition of scripting language, Python is classified as Scripting Language.
  • But
  • Python codes can be compiled and standard compiles Python code into byte code and…

Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Today we are going into another basic concept.

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  • A compiler is a program that is only responsible for carrying out a translation, not the program execution.
  • Here all program statements or expressions are compiled(It is the process of creating an executable program).
  • Due to the above statement, the compiler is faster than the interpreter.
  • It follows the Linking-Loading method.
  • Loading – The process of bringing the program from secondary memory to primary memory.
  • Linking – The process of establishing the connections between all the modules or functions of the program so that the complete…

Hello my name is Kishan Tongrao. Let’s start with some more basic concepts you should know before start. We are going to talk about Low and High Level Programming Languages.

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  • Low-level languages take their fundamentals from the Von Neumann machine, so they are at a level very close to the machine.

Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. This is 5th episode of the python series. Here we are defining the standard statement on programming language and program.

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  • The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way is called Language.
  • The Computers are digital systems they understand only 0’s and 1’s code languages. So if we need to communicate with system then we need to convert that communication language into 0’s and 1’s. The languages that are used to communicate with computer by humans we called them programming languages.
  • A set of commands or instructions based on a programming language that a computer interprets to solve a problem or execute a specific function.

Enjoy !

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Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Today in this episode 4 we are going over the python programming language.

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  • It was introduced in 1989 and initially designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and At first, it was designed for Unix.
  • Van Rossum used to work at CWI as an implementer of the programming language called ABC and Van Rossum himself started designing a new simple scripting language that could overcome the flaws of ABC.
  • The inspiration for the name came from BBC’s TV Show – ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, as he was a big fan of the TV show.

Enjoy !

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Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Welcome to the second episode of this series. Here we are going to discuss the advantage of becoming a programmer/ developer or coder.

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  • Promising future — If you have command over one technology then you are set in this tech world as long as you are willing to learn new things. If you think you are very good at that technology please don’t stick with that, just go for new stuff learned, and master it. Now a day everyone wants something extra.
  • Well paid worldwide – When you entered in IT world there is…

Hello, my name is Kishan Tongrao. Before starting any new thing I always curious about its history. So here we are in an episode of season 1 learning about the history of programming languages.

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  • In 1883, The first computer programming language was an algorithm created by Ada Lovelace for Charles Babbage’s mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. The purpose of this algorithm was to compute Bernoulli numbers.
  • In 1936, Alonzo Church and Alan Turing the computer code was specialized for lambda calculus.
  • In 1945, Von Neumann presented the general principles that a general-purpose machine should follow.
  • In 1949 Assembly Language assembly…

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